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Discover Your WHY

I read Start with Why by Simon Sinek, and I was like "That's great! What's my Why?"

Months later! Literally, many, many moooooooooonths later (12+), I was listening to the Mind Body Green Podcast with NRDC President Rhea Suh (this evening), and my Why came flooding out of me! So quickly that I didn't even have the chance to load my computer (because my computer actually requires time to load right now).

Your Why is passionate, powerful, and gives you drive.

What follows is what came out of me - some filtering and adjustments, but I'm going to try to keep it pretty raw (including some curses; and lots of exclamation points - warning).

My Why...

I want YOU to live your best, most authentic life because I want you to CARE! Honestly, I want this world to give a Fuck!

The more that you are in tune with your true self and your core nature, the more you will care about the world you live in!

We are all so tuned out that we just don't care. We are merely existing. I don't want you to just exist. I want you to LIVE!

I want you to live a life that you care about! I want you to have drive and passion! I want you to believe in your POWER so that you KNOW you CAN make a difference! I want you to KNOW THAT YOU MATTER!

I want you to show up for your life because you will help to raise the frequency of those around you. You can create your own ripple effect! You have that Power. It's in you. And it's safe to work with it and express it!

YOU MATTER! How you show up matters! You NOT showing up isn't neutral, it matters!

There is no neutral in this. Your energy is either high or low. (I'm not usually extreme, but I feel this is so important that the extreme matters. As you have heard from me before, it's not about being perfect or being "there", it's about starting!)

There is too much low in this world. We need to wake up and SHINE. What you do AND what you don't do f*cking matters.

This life matters. The lives before matter. The lives after matter. What you do in your precious life - matters.

YOU MATTER! How you show up in this life matters.

We need you to wake up and find your power! We NEED YOU! As you! Only you can do what you do and only you can bring what you bring! We need you to live a passionate, joy-filled, meaningful life!

If you care about your life, if you feel passionate about your life, you will care about the health and the lives of others!

This is a WE thing, but it starts with YOU choosing to START LIVING!

And I am here to help you care about your life! I am here to help you navigate from not knowing, through knowing, through caring, through thriving!

My Why is for YOU to find your Why so that you can Show Up and SHINE!

I love you and I want the very best for you!



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