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Are you familiar with the non-physical entity Abraham Hicks?

For those of you who are not, a (very) quick introduction to them is this: Abraham is a group of non-physical entities that speak through (are channeled by) a woman named Esther Hicks. Through Esther's meditative state, Abraham sends Esther clumps of thought and Esther verbalizes them. Abraham is one of the teachers of the Law of Attraction.

Abraham brings about many different concepts that I resonate with, one of them is that of contrast. What this means is that through experiences in our lives, we are able to identify that which we do want and distinguish it from that which we do not want.

For example, you are driving home from work - late for dinner - and you find that traffic is bad. The contrast that you are experiencing is that you want traffic to be smooth so that you are able to get home quickly and, instead, you are experiencing slow traffic.

The intention of contrast is to provide us with feedback so that we can shift our focus from what we do not want, towards what we do want. Where we run into trouble is that instead of using the contrast to help us focus on what we do want (smooth traffic), we let our focus get stuck on what we do not want (slow traffic).

The patterns that we have trained ourselves on become that habitual thoughts that come up - and play out. With the traffic example, the habitual thought might be: "Of course traffic is bad, I'm running late and traffic is always bad when I'm running late." This type of thought is so common that we do not usually question it or consciously use the contrast to identify what we desire to experience.

And this leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy of bad traffic when we are running late.

So what's the alternative?

Continuing the traffic example, let's say that you are running late and the traffic is bad. You notice that the traffic is bad and you are consciously aware that your desire is for traffic to be smooth.

In the state that traffic is smooth: What would your heart rate be like? How would your breathing feel? What would the thoughts in your mind be? What would your focus be on?

Use this information to shift your thoughts and emotions towards the feeling of traffic being smooth.

The traffic may or may not change, but your experience of it certainly will! Plus, you will be creating a new pattern of belief (habit) to be strengthened next time.

And this is just the beginning.

In your life, where are you saying you want something, but it just keeps seeming further away?

  • Start to become aware of your current thoughts around what you desire and question if they are actually focused on what you desire, or are they focused on the absence/lack of it?
  • What would your thoughts be focused on if you were experiencing what you desire?
  • How would your physical body feel when you are experiencing that which you desire?

Allow contrast to give you the feedback so that you become consciously aware of what you do not want; and use that information to turn your physical and mental experience towards that which you desire!


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