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It's ok to be seen!

I'm actually not sure where to start this post, but I know I need to write it!

I attended the first weekend course of my journey to become a coach (a professional coach? a life coach? a Co-Active coach? a life-enriching coach? a balance coach?). I definitely didn't know what to expect, but I went in with an open mind.


I have an infinite level of gratitude and respect for the amazing group of people who experienced this weekend along with me. Every single one of them was present, open, and vulnerable.

It's rare to meet 15+ new people and immediately start talking about a dream that you have. It's even more rare to feel comfortable and supported in that experience! But that's exactly what we did. We all entered this room of complete strangers on Friday afternoon and immediately proceeded to discuss a dream that we hold for ourselves.

It was a heart-opening experience that's for sure!

As the weekend wrapped up today, I had an overwhelming feeling of being seen. Have you ever felt 100% seen to your core? All the shiny, all the murky, all the possibility, all of it! Have you ever had a room of "strangers" (people you met two and a half days ago) see you to your depth? I highly recommend it!

Just as amazing is seeing someone else. All the shiny, all the murky, all the possibility, all of it, every last drop! No judgement, no past experiences, just another person, at their essence.

Being in that space of being seen, and holding the space so someone else can be seen is Love.

I realized today that I don't fully see others or hold the space for them to be seen because I am fearful of being seen myself.

What I learned today is that being seen is Love and there is no reason to avoid that!

Being seen is powerful! Holding someone else in a space where they are seen is a deep level of connection that, I think, most of us are missing.

I made the commitment to see those I interact with.

It will take courage to go to that place where I see you, and where you just might see me in return, and I'm willing to go there. I will find the courage to see you and, in return, be open to being seen because I believe that We - the global We - need it.

We are all Love and there's nothing to fear in Love.

Wishing you all feel seen by someone in your life - a family member, a spouse, or a complete stranger!

In Love,



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