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Life as I know it

I'm over life as I know it!

I'm over the comfort of the "daily grind".

I'm over doing what is expected.

I'm over giving into comfort.

I want to THRIVE!

I want to SHINE!

I want to LOVE Every. Single. Moment. of Every. Single. Day!

I want to feel purpose!

I want to help others realize their purpose!

I want to LOVE deeply!

Comfort is dangerous. Comfort is what keeps us stuck in the day-to-day situation we may be struggling to break free of. For some, they don't feel the need to break free from this, and that is ok! For others, comfort is suffocating and the need to expand can lead to discontent and depression. (Side note to my friends and family who may be reading this: don't worry, I'm not depressed, but I am starting to break free of the cocoon that is comfort so you may notice some changes in my life.)

There are a lot of changes behind the veil of the cocoon before the butterfly emerges. These changes may be so small that you aren't even aware of them; they may be noticed only by you; and they may be noticed only by those closest to you. Sometimes someone catches a glimpse of a change and is shocked - the full transformation hasn't occurred yet - a small piece of the new version emerges and sends ripples through your current life. It seems out of place, but only for the moment.

Soon, it will make sense.

Soon, it will be part of the fabric that is your new experience.

For me, the challenge has always been, maintaining forward momentum without making a single, massive, change that strips away my comfort level. Right now, I am conscious of bills that need to be paid, the costs of the city I love and choose to call home, choices and habits of how I spend my free time, and commitments I have made.

Through all of this, I am committed to following this path that evokes change both within me and the physical environment in which I live. I don't know where I am going, or what these changes will bring, but I do know that I will suffocate if I stay inside the safety of this cocoon.


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