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Patience = Trust

"Patience is a virtue...that I just don't have." I've said so many times throughout my life - ever since I was a young child!

My mum had the virtues book when I was young and I clearly remember it "randomly" being left open to both Patience and Tact on many occasions. We can talk about Tact another time ;)

I always joked with her that "patience was a virtue that I just didn't have". And I was perfectly fine with that!

To me, patience meant that I would have to wait for things to come to me, and I wanted nothing to do with that. I wanted what I wanted, when I wanted it - and I was going to make it happen. I would work hard and I would clearly ask for my desires.

And yes, this worked for me.

But, it's freaking tough! And, to be honest, it's lonely. And I've found it to feel like a struggle.

Recently, I've decided that IT GETS TO BE EASY FOR ME! Boom. Period.

And you know what that means? That means that I get to release the control and trust the Universe to guide me towards my desires.

Today, I was scrolling through The Facebooks and came across a post that hit me - to the core. She was talking about how impatience was hiding the feelings of lack and scarcity for her - like WOAH!!

Yes, just yes - all the freaking yes! I know those feelings!

Then it hit me that my lack of patience has been hiding my lack of TRUST!


Trust. Trust that what I desire is already mine. Trust that the Universe is working with me. Trust that all of my needs and wants are already met. Trust that divine timing will provide the right experiences with the right people. Trust that it gets to be easy for me. Trust that I get to have what I desire. Trust that I am unconditionally loved and supported, just because I am me. Trust that I am worthy. Trust that I am enough. Trust that just because I am me, I am perfect, whole, and complete. Trust in infinite abundance. Trust in my power. Trust that I can relax and still receive. I get to trust. Period.

I choose to trust. I choose to allow this to be my practice. I choose to know that patience is a virtue that I have and that trust is the key to unlock. And the more that I trust, the easier the key fits into the lock and I am able to receive my desires.

Like woah!



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