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Reality is what you make it

This is hitting me hard these past couple of weeks: Reality is what you make it!


Think about that for a moment...what does that mean for you?

For me, it means I am experiencing a version of "reality". This particular reality has been made from my previous experiences and the beliefs and stories that have been created through those experiences. Some of those beliefs and stories may have been conscious, but many of them were likely formed unconsciously through the beliefs and stories of those around me or through my Ego working to keep me safe.

Up to this point, I have created a version of reality that has largely been created unconsciously.

Now, I am aware of desires that are on the edges and outside of this current version of reality.

What I'm noticing about this new experience - where I am noticing these more expanded desires - is that these new desires are at odds with the stories both myself and many of those around me believe. Which is leading us all to question the "reality" of these desires - they may be possible, but in the far off, distant future, after taking many baby steps and lots of time.

I call BS to that! I see that as a limiting belief. I see that as the Ego (of ourselves, and of those around us in this current version of reality) doing its very best to keep the status quo - to avoid rocking the boat - to keep us safe in what we know within our current version of reality.

As always, the first step is to become aware of what is going on; to notice these beliefs and stories for what they are, and to see them when they arise.

That itself is a giant first step! And it's a practice! Those old beliefs are likely deeply rooted within both you and those around you. This is an on-going practice to notice and question them.

Simultaneously, it is up to you to create a vision that is as large as you can get behind right now. From your current version of reality, what is the largest vision of your life that you can imagine?

I love the terms "Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal"; or, what vision experiment can you create?

Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG)

I love this term because it calls it like it is in your perception right now! Your current perception is that this goal/vision is CRAZY! So call it that!

"I'm playing with this crazy, audacious vision right now...", "There's something about this big, crazy vision that I am feeling connected to right now..."

Vision Experiment

One of the other "tricks" that can help you get behind a new vision for yourself is to play with it as an experiment. In an experiment, you get to try something without the expectation of it "working out" in a specific way.

How many people have become Law of Attraction coaches is that they've tried the experiment of following the Law for a defined period of time and have seen great shifts in their "reality" during that experimentation period.

Living into this Expanded Vision

Once you've connected with this expanded vision of your desired reality, it's likely that you will notice your fears both internally and reflected back to you by those in your life. And, to make it even more exciting, it's likely that those fears will be shown immediately - when you don't yet feel that deep sense of knowing that this IS your new reality.

What can you do to experience this expanded vision in your reality?

  1. Write it out, create a vision board, speak it into your notes recorder
  2. Identify some key anchors for this vision that you can connect with
    1. Think of these as teleporters - when you connect with them, they teleport you into your vision of your expanded reality
  3. Share your vision with those who raise you up to meet that version of your life
    1. This may be your partner, parent, friend, or a coach
    2. If you need to, phrase it as an experiment or a BHAG
  4. Notice the fears that come up from yourself and from those around you and question them
  5. Connect to your vision DAILY

Creating a new version of "reality" is as easy and as quick as you allow it to be!

Know that the old beliefs, stories, and fears of yours and of those around you are only true because they are true within your current version of reality! You can choose to change them. It is your right to change them.

In order to live your desired version of reality, you must create new beliefs and stories!

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein


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