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Recipe: Stuffed Peppers & Spanish Rice

I finally did it! I finally made stuffed peppers! And I totally miss-judged the rice/pepper ratio, but I ended up with lots of yummy Spanish Rice left over.

As always, I didn't follow a recipe (and I'm writing this post a little late) so I'll do my best to remember the recipe, but please play with the ingredients and spice level on your own :)

1 C Rice - cook as directed

Cooked Filling
1/2 Red Onion
1/2 block Organic Firm Tofu - crumbled/mashed
1 small Yam/Sweet Potato (the orange one) - cubed
1 small Zucchini - cubed

Sauté the cooked filling, but don't over cook it as it still goes into the oven

Cold Filling
1/2 can Corn
1/2 can Black Beans - rinsed
1/2 jar Crushed Tomatoes

Combine Rice, Cooked Filling, and Cold Filling
Add 1/2 packet Simply Organic Spicy Taco Seasoning - to taste

Cut Bell Peppers in half & clean
Fill with the Rice Filling

Bake at 350 for approximately 20-30 minutes
The additional filling can be baked in a casserole dish at the same time


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