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When you don't feel inspired

I'm writing this because I'm not feeling inspired - and I have no idea what will come out! This could get messy.

There are times when I feel a surge of creativity. I have so many ideas and they all land purposefully on the page/in an Instagram post/as I speak. There are other times when I turn inwards and reflect - sometimes these moments lead to creative sparks, and other times, these moments lead to blanks.

I am currently experience a moment of blank. I want to write this post because I feel there is so much that needs to be said, and yet I am feeling withheld - maybe that's what it is. I don't want you to feel held back from expressing yourself, and here I am, holding myself back - feeling hindered by just how much there is to say in these energetically active times.

Inspiration...and this could go sideways, but I'm ok with that!

We're odd, as a species. We need to have undeniable proof that something is true for some beliefs; and yet, we are willing to throw caution to the wind for other beliefs.

Example 1. Climate Change
(This isn't everybody, but) Sometimes I feel that until we actually cause Mother Earth to kick us out, many people refuse to believe that climate change is real. Is it not enough that we have tons of evidence to show that a change has happened that is outside of the normal warming/cooling cycles?

Example 2. Processed Food
Without questioning, we (Western Culture) have blindly put our trust and faith into the food industry (not farmers) to provide us with "food". Despite the horrific statistics about our overall health, we continue to blindly trust this industry to feed us.

Why are we so resistant to changing our behaviours?

So often, we feel trapped in our current pattern because:

  • the system is built that way
  • we don't want to impose our lifestyle changes on our family members
  • we believe that our changes won't create enough change to make a difference - we feel helpless
  • we feel stuck because there are too many changes to make - it all feels so overwhelming
  • ...and so many more reasons that we use to block ourselves from taking action, no matter how small, towards positive change

What is one thing, just one thing, that you can change TODAY?

What are your goals for improving your life - short-term and long-term/small and large?

These are my choices, and I do not believe in imposing my choices on others:

  • I am progressing towards fully plant-based; however, I am not dogmatic about this - I make conscious choices about the food I purchase and eat
  • My next vehicle will be electric (despite having concerns with electric, I feel it's better than where we are now and I want to support the movement towards alternative energy sources)
  • I am conscious about my clothing, make up, and personal care products
  • I will speak up!

My goal is to be inviting. My motto is: "It is all a process!" We can't expect to be perfect overnight, but we can begin to take conscious steps in the direction we want to go.

It is a choice, and a RESPONSIBILITY, to wake up! As humans, we have this beautiful gift, and responsibility, to be able to choose.

Please, please, please, for the sake of our planet, our species, and all the other organisms we share Earth with, use your choice consciously!



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