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When Your Intuition Speaks

When your intuition speaks, but you're not quite ready to listen to it, that's ok!

There are times when we choose not to listen to that small, quiet voice in the back of our heads. Sometimes we hear it, or we feel it - a nudge - and we know something is true, but we are not yet ready to take action on it.

When your intuition speaks, be aware of it. Cultivate your practice of hearing it, but you don't always have to take action on what it is saying right away.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. You can ask for help
    • If you hear something, or feel a nudge towards/away from something, and you are not yet ready to act, you can ask for help.
    • This may be from your Guides, Light Beings, Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones; you don't even need to know who you're asking - you can just ask for help.
    • Ask for them to help show you the path, or to soften the transition, or help prepare you for what is next
    • You don't need to know who you're asking to ask.
  2. You have free will
    • If you receive an intuitive "hit" and you're not ready to act on it yet, you can continue to take aligned actions towards the life of your desires; and, as you do this, your direction/path may shift.
    • If this happens, that intuitive "hit" may no longer be applicable. Check back in with it and ask yourself if this still fits.

The first step is to notice when you are receiving information from your higher self/intuition. After you recognize it for what it is, you still have free will to ask for help or to hold space for the nudge while continuing to take aligned action towards your desires.

If the message/lesson is truly needed, it will continue to reappear. Taking the moment when you feel that initial nudge will allow you to recognize the message/lesson if it comes back again.

Allow yourself to be open and aware to your intuition, even when you are not ready to follow its guidance.

Namasté Loves,


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