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You know You best!

Life is so full of "shoulds", "coulds", "would haves"...blech!

During a coaching session, I wanted to create a way to bring more joy into my morning routine. I love waking up and practicing yoga and I love the idea of waking up and sitting in meditation, but when the alarm actually goes off in the morning, I don't leap out of bed to do either of those things!

As much as I want to do them, there was something that had them as "shoulds" in my mind. They didn't fill me with joy to leap out of bed and get to them so that I could start my day operating at a high frequency.

Through the coaching session, I discovered that what I actually wanted to do, what would actually have me get out of bed with a sense of joy, and would raise my vibration for the upcoming day was to dance like no one was watching for one joyful song!

It's a four minute commitment that I said I would do five out of seven days, but you know what? I love it so much, I have been 14 days strong now!

I created a playlist of songs I knew would get me going. And I have my go-to song for the mornings that I'm not 100% feeling it (Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake, if you're wondering. This song brings me so much joy, you don't even know!). I allow myself to start slow if I need to. I honour how I'm feeling that morning. Some mornings I jump around (apologies to my downstairs neighbour), some mornings I spin in circles, some mornings I get really grounded and shake my hips.

I do what my body wants to do that morning. I do what brings a smile to my face. I laugh at myself. I love myself. I bring myself joy!

Only you know you. You know you the very best. Only you can know what will bring you joy. Only you know when something doesn't bring you joy. Don't worry about the "shoulds", "coulds", "woulds".

Create the routine that raises your frequency! Create what works for you! You don't have to justify it to anyone!

It's the same for so many things:

  • Want to go for a lovely run to enjoy the sun, but should do hill repeats? Do what will bring you into a state of joy!
  • Think you should meditate by sitting in an uncomfortable position and wind up getting frustrated that you can't release the thoughts in your mind? Listen to a guided meditation while laying down; run in the forest without music. Explore other options that work for you.
  • Have an image of what being "good at yoga" is? I firmly believe that we are all met along the path that we are on. We are given what we need at that time. I found a consistent yoga practice when I practiced Bikram's; I fell out of my practice for a while because my mind was still too fidgety for classes that weren't that intense; now I'm really into a strong and clean practice that allows me to move with and in my breath.

The one caveat here: our brain is wired to seek pleasure and drugs provide an easy source of pleasure. Now, I know you might be wondering why I'm bringing up drugs in a joyful and healthy-living post. I'm simply dropping this in because sugar, fried foods, and dairy bring about the same pleasure reaction as drugs. When you think "this tub of ice cream will bring me joy", that's not exactly what I'm talking about here!

There is a voice that's deeper within, that is sometimes (most of the time) hidden behind the yelling voice of instant gratification. It's the more quiet voice. The voice that you sometimes hear, then think "but others will think I'm crazy if I do that". It's the voice of your deepest knowing and truth. It's the one that calls to you in strange and quiet ways. It's the one that, when you do hear it, you usually have a conversation with it - trying to reason with it; trying to justify why you can't do what it's suggesting.

It's that voice.

And I know that you know that voice. You know when you do actually hear it.

What is it telling you? What is it suggesting will bring you joy? Only you know that voice. Only you know you. You know you best.

Do you. Love you. Shine your youness!


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