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It's ok to be seen!

I'm actually not sure where to start this post, but I know I need to write it!

I attended the first weekend course of my journey to become a coach (a professional coach? a life coach? a Co-Active coach? a life-enriching coach? a balance coach?). I definitely didn't know what to expect, but I went in with an open mind.


I have an infinite level of gratitude and respect for the amazing group of people who experienced this weekend along...

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Practice and all is coming ~Pattabhi Jois

Learning is messy!

You gain new knowledge, you get excited to implement that knowledge, you try out that new knowledge, fall...flat.on.your.face!

What happens when you fall?

I fluctuate between beating myself up and ignoring that it happened. Honesty. It can be ugly, but there you go. That's my current reality.

I am trying to get better at acknowledging the potential for growth, and...

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