Intuitively Wealthy for Life!

The perfect blend of #moneymindset, spiritual, & practical tools to transform your relationship with money ~ for life!

[ 3 Modules ]

1) Practical  2) Mindset 3) Action

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It was just another day...

My partner and I had looked at an open house and we were walking home afterwards. We started talking about an upcoming trip to Hawaii and he kept asking me what I could afford. How much I could afford. If I could afford it.

We’d had money conversations in the past, but something shifted inside me this time. I started crying.

I connected to how many times I had said no to experiences I wanted to have because I didn’t have the money. I realized how my debt had affected my life and now our relationship.

I went home, cried some more, then pulled out some paper and my laptop. I used what I knew intuitively, combined with practical knowledge and spiritual mindset work to get honest with my numbers and create a way I could feel expansive while decreasing my debt.

This is not another money program.

I needed this to be both practical and spiritual. I needed this to feel expansive, not restrictive, yet still pragmatic.

This isn’t a quick-fix and you may come back to this work over and over again until you’re ready to once-and-for-all decide.

  • Decide that you are done saying no to life.
  • Decide that you are done carrying debt.
  • Decide that you are done feeling tied to a job because of the paycheque.

I know, you’ve tried all the programs out there, from the financially-guided ones focused on budgeting and practical application, to the spiritual ones that focus on where your money stories originated from, to the #lawofattraction ones that insist that by believing, you will receive.

And nothing has worked.

  • You still have debt.
  • You still live paycheque to paycheque.
  • You still have to say no to experiences that you want to have in life.

Yes, you’re earning more than you were five years ago, but with your higher income came higher bills and your debt load is the same - or maybe even more.

But now it’s really annoying you.
  • You’re done having to say “No” to experiences that you want to have.
  • You’re over feeling stagnant around your level of wealth.
  • You’ve had it with the feeling of restriction and fear around money.
  • And you are so over people telling you how you “should” manage your money. ICK!

You know the basics. You’ve read the books. You’ve tried budgeting. You have the apps. You’re in the groups.

You just want it to click and to feel GOOD!

You want to change your relationship with money once and for all.

You want to feel confident in your life when it comes to money - earning, spending, and giving.

You want to make choices in life that you feel good about. You want to enjoy your life and feel expansive when you say “Yes” to something - instead of having the thought of “how am I going to pay for this” or “I should be putting this money towards debt”.

You want to have a joyful, fun, supportive relationship with money!

What You Get

In this 3-module self-paced course, you will receive lifetime access to:

  1. The Practical
    • How to look at your numbers in a way that combines both the practical and the energetics of feeling expansive and aligned
  2. The Mindset
    • Tools to look at your current stories around money, and that will help you to expand your capacity to have money
  3. The Action
    • How to take action right now that will shift your current experience with money and your future


  1. I’ve already taken all the money courses/read all the books. What makes this course different?
    • Money is a combination of both mindset/beliefs and practical application. This course has both. I give you the tools that have worked for me to build and strengthen my relationship with money and exercises that use your creative right brain to expand into what’s possible for you.
  2. Do I have to do this in order?
    • You have probably already laid the groundwork for this work through books, podcasts, and maybe courses. What worked for me at that stage was to feel raw as I did the Monthly Wealth Tracker exercise. I used that information to build my blueprints in Mint. And I continue to work on my beliefs/patterns/worth towards money.
    • Not at all! This is about shifting your energy. Allow your energy to lead to you complete these exercises.
  3. How long does it take?
    • As long as you need. This is self-directed work. There will be practical steps as well as journal prompts and mindset shifts. The duration also depends on where you’re at with the emotions you have tied to money and what you make it mean about you and your worth.
  4. Do I have lifetime access to this work?
    • Yes! Come back to this whenever and however often you’d like.
  5. If I purchase the Coaching Upgrade, how long do I have to use the sessions?
    • You have two months in which to use the three coaching sessions.
    • There are only 7 of these available so jump on this quickly!
  6. Are you available via email?
    • Yes and no. This is a self-directed program and is priced as such.
    • If you are looking to work together 1:1, then please reach out privately to discuss so we can create an intentional coaching relationship and energy exchange.
  7. What if it doesn’t work for me?
    • This work can take time. Money beliefs, specifically, can be multi-leveled and require a decent amount of excavation. You will likely notice the shifts you experience are directly proportional to the work you put in. You will also find that you will get out the energetic commitment you put in. There are no refunds for this course.

Who am I?

I guess the first thing to say is I’m you. I was you. I still am you. I knew what I was supposed to do, but I couldn’t figure out a way to stick with traditional budgeting. It felt restrictive and painful << to which some people would say “it’s supposed to”. But that’s not what I want for my life! That isn’t the energy I wanted to have around money!

Growing up, I didn’t have money and although my mum was amazing at not spending more than we had, I always felt a sense of lack. I always wanted the finer things in life, so, when I started earning money, I started spending it just as quickly - let’s be honest, I was spending money I didn’t yet have. That lead to consistent credit card debt (I’d pay it off, then rack it up again), and always carrying a car loan.

I was making good money, but I was spending it all, plus tied to paying down a substantial debt-load. Which also meant I was tied to a traditional j-o-b that didn’t fulfill my purpose for this life.

I looked to the money gurus in both the traditional path, and the new-age spiritual path, but nothing merged the practical with the spiritual abundance mindset to the place that it resonated for me. Then, it finally clicked. I needed to create a way that recognized the “reality” of the present moment, and held the possibility for more wealth to flow to and through my life!

That’s when this program was birthed.

These are the tools and strategies I have been using to shift my experience around my relationship with money.


By using the work in this course, I have been able to:

  • Talk more comfortably and confidently about money
  • Look at my bank account and money blueprint without feeling restricted, little, fearful, and diminished
  • Release the self-judgement I held around my money/debt load and what it meant about me
  • Open up to the possibility of more than enough money flowing in
  • Feel into the experience of having a growing bank account while seeing a shrinking debt load
  • Grow the trust I hold in my ability to experience having more money
Why should you trust me?

I’m still in it. I still have debt. I am still growing my business on the side. I’m not “there” yet. So why trust me with your journey?

Because I know how to navigate the ups and downs of this type of life change. Because I can understand your challenges in a way that someone who is on the other side can’t. And, because I am excited to try, experiment, and play with these tools with you.

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all-it-worked-for-me-so-it’ll-work-for-you approach to anything. When you connect with your deepest core values and take action honouring them, you know what to do better than anyone else. Take your power back and see how it changes your relationship with money - and your life!

When you free up the energy that is currently wrapped up in fear and lack with money, you open up a whole new possibility for what you can have, do, be, and create in your life!

Take this next first step in shifting your experience with money and watch how it changes your life forever!

What I do

As a Soul Alignment Guide and Coach, I am here to guide you to realign with what matters to you, uncover those limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and reclaim your power so that you can show up for the life you are ready to experience.

In the case of your finances, you will be asked to do the work, to look at the beliefs that say you can’t have what you want, and to look at the behaviours that are creating the experience you’re currently having. You will also get to suspend “reality” and dive into your imagination to get clear on what you DO want from the perspective of your soul (not just the finer things in life).

I stand with my clients, holding them naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. I hold the vision of you that you desire to create before you are yet able to see it yourself.

I cannot and will not do the work for you. I see your powerful soul beneath the fear conditioning you have taken on and I stand for the version of you who has shed those limiting beliefs, patterns, and stories and is living the life she desires!


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