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Combining Co-Active Coaching, Human Design, and Spiritual Energy Reading, I have three offerings to work together.

I also teach yoga classes in Vancouver, BC and share Yoga, Fitness, Whole-Food Plant-Based Nutrition, and Human Design on my YouTube channel.

Single Session Human Design Basics

Discovering Human Design felt like being given the permission and validation to be who I already know I am! It also gave me language so I can articulate with is correct for me and awareness of the differences between my energy and the energy of those I love and care for.

In this 1 hour call, we'll review the basic elements of your Human Design including:

  • Energy Type
  • Strategy including the clue to know when you are in alignment or out of alignment with your design
  • Authority: how to make decisions you can trust
  • Basics of your personality
  • Where you enjoy action/structure and where you enjoy a passive/go-with-the-flow energy

This is for you if you're new(ish) to Human Design or you've tried to piece together your chart and want a comprehensive reading of your unique Design.

Single Session Human Design Advanced / Energy Read

This Level 2 Human Design Reading combines your circuitry and purpose with a Chakra Energy Reading. Please comment in the booking if there are any specific questions you are hoping for insight into.

This is for you if you either have a solid understanding of your Human Design and you'd like more detailed information about your Incarnation Cross, Gates, and Channels, and/or you are looking to receive an Energy Reading of your Chakras.

3 or 6 month Success and Wellness Coaching

As your Success and Wellness Coach, I show up for you without judgement and meet you wherever you are - right now.

I hold the space, vision, and accountability for you to discover your desires, uncover old limiting beliefs, claim your power, and consciously create your life!

You will strengthen your consciousness, connect with your intuition, and expand your capacity to live from a place of love.

I bring skills from Co-Active Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Human Design, Energy Reading, and my experience and intuition to this offering.

I work with those who:

  • Know their soul is here for a reason, and feel a deep need to reconnect with that reason
  • Feel stuck in the mediocrity of a "good" life and what society sees as successful
  • Are ready to show up and say YES to creating the life they know they're here to live

Together we:

  • Free your imagination from its cage so you can dream BIG
  • Uncover the limiting beliefs & societal stories that are holding you back
  • Release the fear of being different & wanting more than "fine" for your life
  • Empower you to take action and create YOUR life

I hold that my clients are:

  • Souls with many lives of experiences
  • Capable beyond their stories
  • Creative like they were as a child
  • Destined for more than "fine" or "good"
  • Full of energy - just waiting to be used
  • Naturally creative, resourceful, and whole

What's possible through our work together:

  • Wake up every day excited for your life
  • Release the fear stories that are keeping you small
  • Experience on-going expansion in your life
  • Discover great love for yourself and those in your life
  • Live your life full out and feel connected to the endless source of energy within you

Are you ready?

Our work will include:

  • 3 x 45-60 minute calls per month for 3 or 6 months
  • Guided visualizations (both live & recorded) that will assist you in leaping beyond limiting belief systems
  • Agreed upon actions & self-discovery between calls
  • 48 hour email/text replies from me during our coaching cycle
  • Lifetime access to any paid programs released during 1:1 coaching cycle
  • Optional: information about your Human Design Basics & coaching to live in alignment with your Human Design

Your investment:

  • 6 month commitment: $2,488 paid in full or $456 per month
  • 3 month commitment: $1,423 paid in full or $522 per month
  • 60-90 minute first call
  • 45 minutes on our scheduled calls - without distraction and fully present
  • Time between calls for follow-up actions & self-discovery reflections
  • Your commitment to Step into Your Power - I will be standing behind, beside, and in front of you to support this journey

I'm ready to change my life!


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