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Speak Up: Let Your Voice be Heard

So often I find my throat tight, caught, thick, constricted. Even as I type this, I can feel the constraint closing my throat - holding me back - keeping me silent.

I feel overwhelmed by how much there is to speak out about! What do I start with? What do I focus my attention and energy on? What matters the most to me? It all matters the most to me! I care about it all!

So, where can I best focus my attention?

I can use my life, my voice, my passion to help YOU discover your voice, your passion! We can all work together to create a much larger influence than me working on my own!

Below is a quick reflection/journalling exercise to open the door to understanding this better:

What are you passionate about?
  • This is the stuff that you get energized by - the stuff the time disappears when you're doing it
What do you care about?
  • These may stem from your values
  • You may also want to look to what creates a strong emotion or a desire to act
What gets you motivated to act?
  • When you hear/see these things happening, you immediately look for a way to take a stand
What creates emotion within you?
  • Often, this is experienced when someone or something is in conflict with your values

By understanding what moves your energy, you can focus your intentions towards those actions.

What affects me the most is when people don't understand just how much power they have! Your money, no matter how much of it you have, speaks as a consumer. What you support and what you speak up against has impact. How you use your voice and direct your energy influences others.

YOU are more powerful than you know! YOU can affect so much change in both your life and in the lives of those around you!

My mission is to help more people find their voice and rediscover their truth so that they can speak from that place. We need more people speaking up and speaking out from a place of love, kindness, compassion, understanding, and passion! And I want YOU to be one of those people!


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