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Learn Your Core Values

Do you know your core values? Are you living in alignment with your values?

Let's back up...A simple definition of values is: "One's judgement of what is important in life."

What do you consider to be important? What are the behaviours, energies, and considerations that matter to you?

Core values usually stick with you - they're the ones that you may not always be aware of, but you feel out of sorts when you're not in alignment with them. Also, if someone doesn't honour or lives in conflict with one of your core values, you may find it hard to be around them.

For example, respect is a core value of mine. My definition of respect is quite robust! (Side note: it's important to get clarity on your definition of the value, because not everyone interprets these the same way.)

My definition of respect is: I see you for who you are, not who I think you should be. I honour who you are and your beliefs - even if I don't agree with them. I will listen to your experiences and how they have affected your beliefs. Also, I expect that I receive this in return - that my experiences and beliefs are heard with an open mind; and that I am seen for who I am, not who you think I should be.

Once you are aware of your values, you can start to look at where you live in alignment with your values and where you are out of alignment with them. You will notice that when your choices are inconsistent with your values, you may feel "off" about those decisions.

When do you notice that? Where are you feeling unsure of your decisions? What values are you not honouring in those decisions? Now that you are aware of your values, what can you do that will move you closer to living in alignment with them?

Give your self some time to notice these times in your life - without judgement. Then begin to notice how you can shift your actions to be in better alignment with your values.

It might help to journal on this. Here are some prompts to get you going:

  • When do I feel most in alignment with my true self?
  • When do I feel most out of alignment with my true self?
  • What am I doing when I feel my most powerful?
  • What have I said yes to when I feel "off" or regretful?
  • What drives me crazy when I'm around it in other people?
  • What do I need to say no to in order to better honour my values?
  • What support/permission do I need to create for myself that will help me to honour my values?

Wishing you a life full of joy and passion!



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