2022 Energy Message for the Collective

2022 2022 energy akashic council akashic records alignment collective energy energy Mar 22, 2022

This is the message I shared for the Collective on my YouTube channel for the Energy of 2022.

This is my first time doing this, but I feel called to offer this message and I’m curious to reflect both each month and at the end of the year! 

Right away as I settled into meditation to receive these energy messages, I could feel fairy/angel beings in my aura. It feels like a decisive year and it can go whichever way you allow it to, but you (and the collective) are highly supported to lean into the light and elevate your energy and the collective consciousness even more.

I felt a pull towards the upper energies - grounding didn’t have it’s same appeal.

I felt a little apprehension standing outside the Akashic Records building. There might be work to do that you’ve been avoiding. Some additional layers may need to be shed and/or some physical desires/beliefs/goals may need a hard look - you may need to confront yourself and what you’ve desired up to this point. It may no longer be aligned with your direction/path.

Routines, habits/patterns that you’re used to leaning on; things that are normal, easy, automatic; may need a second look; may need an adjustment. We’re being called to be more conscious in EVERY area - but especially those areas that are automatic and taken for granted/givens.

I was brought into a garden courtyard instead of my Council room and I could see a sundial on the ground. Which was perfect, because I wanted to look at the themes of 2022 in seasons/quarters anyway!

January - March: 

  • This first quarter feels like work; it feels like everything that hasn’t been done, all that clearing, adjusting patterns, is going to bubble up to be looked at and addressed in this first quarter.
  • What are those habits and patterns that have created this life, but may not be useful for the next phase, or the next version you're moving towards.
  • This feels like a lot of self-reflection - it’s looking internally and cleaning up your side of things. Don’t even worry about other people, just do your work, focus on you and what you need to in order to create clean, clear, and aligned energy moving forward.

April - June: 

  • This second quarter feels like stepping out into the spring after a long, dark winter. After that internal work, it takes some time to adjust to your external world.
  • This feels to me like “what do you want to bring with you into your environment” and what needs to be cleared out/released from your environment?
  • As a real world example, after going on a yoga retreat vacation, I come back to my “real life” and take a look at what elements from that retreat I can bring into my daily life.
  • This second quarter isn’t about emerging from your deep, internal work and existing in the same environment as you had before. This second quarter is about emerging from that deep, internal work and adjusting your external environment to SUPPORT the work you’ve done and what you are becoming.
  • Spring cleaning this year may be a whole new experience!

July - September: 

  • Depending on what happened in the first quarter, some sh*t may bubble back up in the third quarter. The “are you sure you’re done with that?”, “are you sure you’ve moved on and set yourself on a new path?” check-in.
  • This feels like triggers through being with others - falling back into old habits/patterns based on environments and interpersonal relationships.
  • One yoga saying that I love is “real yoga is being with your family or being a parent” and this quarter has that feeling.
  • You’ve done all your work on your own, you’ve controlled what you have control over, but now you’re released into the world of interacting with others - what still needs to be looked at?
  • I asked for “what if they have done the work and integrated these lessons?” and I was met with: “there’s always more work to do.” Thanks!

I do want to insert something here though - even though there is work to be done and, yes, “there is always more work to do”, it does NOT mean that you can’t enjoy yourself and you can’t keep living your life and building and thriving!

This is not “either or”, this is “both and”.

October - December: 

  • The fourth quarter feels like “rest”. You’ve worked hard all year, this is about integration.
  • Lavish, luxury, self care, indulgence are words coming up for this fourth quarter.

As I was wrapping up and internally complaining about these messages, I was directed back to the second quarter of the year and was reminded that part of adjusting your external environment to support your internal growth is playful.

It’s trial and error, and mess, and finding what you really love, and bringing more of what you desire into your life while releasing what is no longer aligned with your energy.

And let me wrap this up by also highlighting that throughout this whole reading, the theme was fairies and gardens! Nature, beauty, fun, play, joy, love, and a little bit of that trickster energy to keep us in check when we need it.

We are being guided and protected in ways that we aren’t yet able to comprehend. Look for those little miracles. Trust that you are being guided and helped along the way. The more you recognize the miracles (especially the simple, everyday ones), the more you will build that trust and continue to realign with your path.