Start Here - The Tools

We each have the answers buried within us.

The Tools are what I use to assist you to uncover the wisdom you already know. Through learning to listen to and trust your own Inner Knowing, you are able to create Alignment with your Soul and Consciously Create the life you desire to experience.

Think about The Tools as an access point to your Inner Knowing and the wisdom of Collective Consciousness.

Akashic Records

I see the Akashic Records as a library. The Akashic Records are a portal to access Collective Knowledge and Universal Laws, as well as an access point to all of our possible lives.

There is both a General Library and we each have our own room within the library. Your personal library holds books of your Past Lives as well as information to help your soul align in this present life - including our Soul Contract and Purpose. We can also see how aligned you currently are regarding why your Soul chose to experience this life.

This is also a gateway to access the higher wisdom of our Council.


The Chakras are Energy Centres within the body. Traditionally, there are seven Chakras (in Human Design there are nine).

In Eastern Body Western Mind Anodea Judith describes a Chakra as "a centre of organization that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy." Each Chakra is liked to a type of life force energy or theme.

Crown - Higher Consciousness
Third Eye - Intuition & Vision
Throat - Communication, Expression, & Manifestation (speaking into existence)
Heart - Love & Courage
Solar Plexus - Identity, Self-Worth, & Power
Sacral - Creation, Desire, & Sexual Expression
Root - Physical Needs & Basic Survival

Energy Reading & Healing

Energy Reading & Healing is a way energetically locate and clear out beliefs, patterns, relationships, identities, and stagnant energy that holds us back from stepping into our truly soul aligned selves.

Energy Reading & Healing can be done with or without the client present. I will conduct an energy reading and some healings prior to a call, then, if there's additional work, we'll do that together on a call - this is all done virtually.

Human Design

Human Design was transmitted to Ra Uru Hu in 1987. To learn more about the history click here, and to create your design click here.

Human Design is a combination of astrology, the chakras, the iChing, and the Tree of Life, but it's its own complete system. Jenna Zoe describes Human Design as "the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to experience, and what karma you came to correct."

Check out my blog post for a more in-depth explanation.

How do we use Human Design?

Simply, there are five Energy Types (how your energy best interacts with the world around you). Depending on your Energy Type, there is a different Strategy for you that will help you to best align your energy and your actions.

Manifestor - To Inform
Generator - To Respond
Manifesting Generator - To Respond, but can have a strong Manifestor line
Projector - Wait to be Invited
Reflector - Wait a moon cycle (28 days) to decide

There's so much more to it, but using some basics, we can guide you through deconditioning and stepping into who you truly are.

Meditation/Guided Visualizations

One of the challenges we face along this journey are the beliefs and stories we've accepted up to this point.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." ~Albert Einstein

Using meditation or a guided visualization is a way to move beyond the thinking mind.

Physical Movement & Nutrition

Energy needs to be able to move through us without getting stuck or caught. For this to be smooth, it's important that we both move our physical bodies and ingest foods that can move through us with ease (think fiber).

Spirit Guides

There are many types of Spirit Guides. These may be Ancestors, more evolved souls, Teachers, and Masters. Typically, we each have a main spirit guide, plus guides who are here to assist us in certain areas.

For example, I have one guide who journeys me to the Underworld and to the Spirit World. If we go to the Underworld, I have another guide who will meet me there and take over for that journey - and usually healing.

Some guides are hands on and others are more hands off - I've only recently met these two guides!

In addition to The Tools, I use Coaching techniques to guide YOU to discover your own answers.


As your Soul Alignment Coach, I am here as your guide while you navigate these tools. I'm not here to do the work for you, but when you get stuck or veer off the path, we will dig into what's going on and help you to navigate back on your course.

Coaching FAQ

What is coaching?

Coaching is a facilitated conversation that allows you to uncover new answers to a situation in your life and create action for change.

I will hold a non-judgmental space for you to fully express yourself and create a life you may not even allow yourself to dream of.

What does a coach do?

As a coach, I am your champion. I will hold you naturally creative, resourceful, and whole so that you can create change that truly impacts your life.

I will ask you questions, sometimes uncomfortable ones, that help you to uncover what is holding you back.

We will create forward-moving action steps for you to complete between sessions. The intension of these questions/inquiries is to catalyze change in your life.

How is Coaching different than Counselling or Therapy?

A coach is NOT a counsellor or therapist. A coach works with you in the present and the future, and there is little focus placed on the past in coaching. Coaching is not designed to work with psychological challenges and coaches are not typically trained to handle trauma.

While emotions may arise during coaching, the focus of coaching is to identify your life vision and goals, values, core identity, and wants and desires; then create actionable steps to help you live more in alignment with these and actually create your life.

What should I expect for my first session?

My typical structure is to hold a complementary 30 minute sample session before we engage in a coaching relationship. This session will give us both the opportunity to connect and decide if we are the right fit for each other. We may engage in a short coaching session, or I may just ask you coach-like questions so that you can get a feel for the type of experience coaching is.

If we decide to proceed with the coaching relationship, our first official session will be a Discovery where we dive deeper into the service agreement and create our own “contract” for our unique coaching relationship.

Do I need to prepare anything for a coaching session?

Prior to our Discovery Session, I will send you a document that I ask you to complete and return prior to our session. The Pre-Discovery Session document is designed to get you familiar with coach-like questions, start to focus our sessions, and to begin the process of looking for answers within yourself.

After our Discovery Session, if there is something pressing for you, please bring that topic to our calls. If there isn’t something pressing, we will uncover a topic together. So the short answer is, “No, you don’t need to prepare anything for a coaching session, but you can.”