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Through Co-Active & Spiritual coaching, combined with Human Design I guide you to connect with your Inner Knowing, Values, Deep Truths, and Desires.

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These are the tools for you to do the work. They are self-paced or lead programs that guide you to consciously create a life where your natural gifts flourish.

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Start connecting with your Inner Knowing, gain a deeper understanding of this work, and start your journey of consciously creating a life of true freedom.

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You know what your soul is calling out to experience, but you have been conditioned to follow the path that is expected of you.

As your Intuitive Living Guide & Life Coach, I am here as your guide along the journey to consciously create a life where your natural gifts & talents will flourish!

I will meet you wherever you are along your journey and hold both non-judgemental space & accountability for you. 

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