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This is your life | Through the tools of Co-Active and Spiritual coaching, yoga, fitness, and nutrition, my goal is to help you to create a life for yourself that you never knew you could even ask for!

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This is Your Life | Coaching

Through Co-Active and Spiritual coaching, I will guide you to connect with your values, deep truths, and desires. We will use these anchors to create sustainable action and affect changes in your life - whether it be in relationships, health, profession, finances, or your physical environment. Coaching services are offered in person or via phone.

Yoga & Fitness

In addition to teaching public classes, I am available to work with you to create custom programs that combine yoga and fitness elements, or have a specific focus.

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The Simply
Alannah Shaffer

At my core, I am a passionate teacher. I strive to distill the teachings that I have learned and universal truths I know to be. I will meet you where you are so these lessons are accessible to all through small, incremental, and sustainable shifts - unique to each of you. Ultimately, I am here to help others live happier, healthier, more balanced lives!