Recipe: Loaded Miso Soup

food intuitive eating recipe soup May 01, 2017

Growing up, I never understood how my mum could possibly eat miso! I have now learned the errors of my ways. Even then, it took me until recently to endeavour to make my own miso soup.

Here is my quick, loaded, miso soup. Add/subtract as you like!

Note: this can also be assembled in a mason jar with boiling water added when you're ready to eat.

2 C Water
2 Tbsp White Miso
1/4 block Organic Medium Tofu - cubed
Vegetables - optional
Rice/Bean/Glass Noodles - optional

Bring water & miso paste to a boil; reduce to simmer
Add Tofu cubes
Add extras and let them cook to desired texture
Serve & top with Green Onions and Sriracha (optional)