You are Worthy because You Are

career energy life self love worthiness Dec 16, 2019

I've heard this and said this so many times. It was this morning when I was talking about expecting someone in my organization to talk to me this week about my merit.

My organization calls our annual salary review "merit".

This morning my friend stopped me and said in her perfectly matter-of-fact way "you have merit and nothing they say or do can change that".

Words have so much meaning and I was allowing this conversation about my merit to be a conversation about my merit.

The conversation happened today and *cuss words* I was not and am not impressed or happy. So many times today I reflected on this statement that nothing they can say or do, or don't say or do as the case may be, can affect my merit unless I allow myself to believe it does.

How often do we allow others to tell us our worth or our merit? It's shocking really!

As children, yes, we need to learn basic manners and common decency (as well as actual truth/facts in school), but beyond that, we are told (and usually believe) we are good or bad based on authority figures and their beliefs.

If you work for an organization, there are basics of a job to be performed, but beyond that, our performance at work is usually subjective to who sees us and their perception of us, as well as the beliefs that frame their perspective.

Really, truly, our sense of worth and merit must come from within.

This is why it's a fact with no justification required.


You are worthy because you are. You have merit and there's nothing anyone else can say or do (or not say or do) that can change that.

When you question your worth (overall or within a context), the energy will meet you with that same questioning energy.

When you can sit in the truth that you are worthy, the energy around you will shift to meet your sense of worth.


Period. End of Story.