Human Design Basics

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Have you heard of Human Design?

It's a system that uses your birth date, time, and location to map how you can optimally exchange your energy with the world around you.

There are so many components of it; however, I'm going to focus on: Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority to start.

Quickly, you can find your Human Design here. When you enter in your information, you will receive a Body Graph.

Your Centers, Gates, and Channels can be defined or undefined. Defined is coloured and undefined is "open" or white. The parts of your chart that are defined are the parts that are considered stable - they are yours. The parts of your chart that are undefined are "open" to conditioning/influence of others.

That said, sometimes you may have learned to hide or ignore parts of you, even if they are defined. And, sometimes someone close to you may have a defined area where you have undefined and you learned the qualities of that area being defined (but this is learned, not innate).

Energy Type

There are five Energy Types: Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Projector, Reflector.


A Generator is distinguished by having the Sacral Center (this is true of Manifesting Generators, MGs, as well).

Generators (combined with MGs) make up the vast majority of the population.

When a Generator is excited about their work, they have their own motor center (the Sacral) and can access sustained energy. If a Generator is not excited about their work, they risk feeling frustrated (the not-self theme) and can burnout.

Generators interact with the world through "yes", "no", "eh/maybe" responses. When something is a "yes" response, the Generator will dig into it in depth.

Manifesting Generator

MGs are a subset of Generators, and have two subsets within the energy type: Pure MG and Manifestor MG. Like Generators, MGs have a defined Sacral; however, they have another motor (Will/Solar Plexus/Root) center connected (defined channel) to a defined throat center.

Either way, they have a lot in common with Generators. Where an MG and a Generator differ is that MGs are more like humming birds - they bounce from one "yes" to another "yes" to another "yes". MGs are the true multitaskers, but not in the way we think about multitasking; they always have multiple things/interests/books on the go.

Like Generators, when an MG responds with "yes", they have tons of energy to keep going; however, what sets them apart is instead of diving into one thing, they get excited, work/learn quickly, and move on.

Manifestor MG

The Manifestor MG has a direct, defined, channel from the Sacral to the Throat. This sub-category of MG differs slightly in that when they respond with a "yes", they can initiate action like a Manifestor.


Manifestors are designed to change the status quo. These people take action - they are the "I see it, I want it, I get it" and the "Just Do It" people.

You can tell a Manifestor chart because they have a motor (Will/Solar Plexus/Root) connected to their Throat without a defined Sacral.

Manifestors make things happen. Which can lead to making both friends and enemies. The challenge for Manifestors is to honour themselves and to be ok with some people not liking them.


Projectors have an undefined Sacral and don't have a motor (Sacral/Will/Solar Plexus/Root) connected to the Throat.

Projectors are like the birds perched above. They are watching what's happening down below and have the ability to see the "birds eye view" of patterns.

The challenge for Projectors (and my goodness is this ever a challenge) is they must wait to be invited before sharing their knowledge. Projectors carry incredible wisdom, but they must wait to be recognized for that wisdom; otherwise, it's like they're talking to a brick wall.


Reflectors are the litmus test of the group - if the Reflector is sick or out of balance, the group is as well.

Reflectors have zero definition in their chart - no Centers, no Gates, no Channels. They truly reflect what is happening around them. For this reason, it's important for Reflectors to be mindful of who they surround themselves with.


The Strategy is how we interact with stimulus from the outside and how we use our energy. Your Strategy is based on your Energy Type.

Generators & Manifesting Generators: Wait to respond to external stimulus. You want to answer "yes" or "no" questions so you can listen to your Sacral for that "gut" response. Generators and MGs need to be out in the world to test the stimulus and obtain a reaction.

Manifestors: Inform. Manifestors can get so caught up in what they're doing, they forget to tell others what's going on. Manifestors aren't gaining consensus or asking for permission, they are merely letting others know what they are doing/going to do.

Projectors: Wait for the invitation. Life comes to a Projector who is following their Strategy.

Reflectors: Wait 28 days. Since Reflectors are a reflection of those around them, it's best for them to mull big decisions for a lunar cycle.


The Authority is how we make decisions and is based on what Centers are defined in the chart. It's possible to have a primary and a secondary Authority.

If your Sacral is defined, that is your primary Authority. The Sacral is a "yes" or a "no" response to stimulus. It can also present as a "meh" or "maybe" which means "not right now".

Emotional Authority is the second strongest Authority and runs on an emotional wave. Everyone who has an Emotional Authority has their own emotional wave, but once you have allowed the wave to roll through, you will feel a "clunk" or a "knowing".

Splenic Authority is an in the moment impulse. It is quick and fleeting. Those with a Splenic Authority will want to get familiar with this "knowing" - it's the information that happens before your mind jumps in.

Ego Authority is when your Ego/Will is connected to your Throat. Those with Ego Authority create their world through talking. They speak their life into existence. They are not talking for feedback or input, they are talking so they can feel what they are saying and adjust, then take action.

Self-Projected Authority is when your Identity is connected to your Throat. You talk to hear (yourself). It's important for those who have a Self-Projected Authority to have people in their lives they can talk to without judgement or limitations. Self-Projected Authorities need to hear themselves talk something through.

There are two other Authorities, Outer/Environment and Lunar. Those with an Outer Authority need others as sounding boards. Relfectors have Lunar Authority meaning they need to take a lunar cycle to ponder major decisions.

I also want to mention those arrows or Variables at the top of your chart.

Each arrow contains a ton of information, but the basic part is when arrows point Left you are more structured and when arrows point Right you are more go-with-the-flow.

As you dig into Human Design more, you will likely encounter conversations around Specific/Non-Specific manifestors. This is not talking about the Manifestor Type, this is how each one of us attracts things into our physical experience.

The bottom right arrow is the arrow that you are looking at here.

If it is pointing to the Left, you are a Specific Manifestor so lists of specific details work for you.

If it is pointing to the Right, you are a Non-Specific Manifestor so tuning into your desired feelings and emotions while leaving the specific tangible details out will likely work best for you.

As you can see, there is a lot to cover. Despite attempting to keep it simple, there was still a lot in here.

More information can be found at: Jovian Archive, Interior Creature, Jenna Zoe, and on Instagram. Plus there are some books on the topic, podcasts, and good ol' YouTube.