Human Design Terms

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These are areas in your chart that are consistent in your life.


These are areas that are open to conditioning by defined areas in others’ charts.

Undefined areas can be amplified through being around someone with that area defined - for example, someone with a defined Emotional Solar Plexus will have a consistent emotional wave; however, when someone with an undefined ESP is around this defined ESP, they may feel tossed and turned by the defined center. This is ok! It’s important for someone with an undefined ESP to ask “is this mine?” when feeling an emotional roller coaster.

Energy/Chakra Centers

The nine coloured and white shapes. Seven are the Chakras, but Human Design has two additional centers.

Motor Centers

Internally generated energy: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root, Spleen, Heart (Ego)

Energy Type (Type)

How you exchange energy with the world around you.


How you engage with the energy around you.


How you make decisions that are in flow and alignment with your energy.
Authority by strength: Emotional, Sacral, Splenic,  Heart (Ego-Manifested), Heart (Ego-Projected), G-Center (Self-Projected), Environment (Mental-Projector), Lunar


Six lines from the iChing that describe a personality archetype.


Behaviours and beliefs we learn from others and take on for ourselves. Conditioning corresponds with openness (white) in our chart.


The process of Living Your Design to release conditioning.


Create the flavour of the energy that enters and exits each Energy Center. Like Centers, Gates can be defined or undefined. Defined Gates can be either conscious (black) or unconscious (red). Gates come from the iChing hexagrams.


Connect two gates and create their own, third, energy based on the flavour of each gate.


When something is Correct, it is expansive and in flow with your energy.


There are four arrows at the top of the chart that contain a lot of information.

Arrows that point Left are more active and strategic/structured.
Arrows that point Right are more passive and go-with-the-flow.