It's Safe to be Seen!

be seen coaching fear life practice self worth shadow worthiness youness Jun 18, 2019

When did you learn being seen wasn’t safe?

When did you learn being recognized in a crowd meant being punished?

When did you start hiding?

When did you shrink into a wallflower?

Sometimes it’s a trigger in this life that your soul recognizes as a danger from another life. Sometimes the time you remember in this life doesn’t seem like it could have been enough to send you into the shadows, but that might have been the trigger that reminded your soul of a time in another life where being recognized or standing out lead to your public and untimely death - leaving lessons unlearned.

And now, a seemingly insignificant event reminded your soul of that death so it has put up barriers so you won’t be seen/recognized and, more importantly you won’t be ridiculed and killed.

It might seem like an overreaction, but it is very well intentioned! Your soul wants to experience this life and learn all it can. It will do it’s very best to keep you out of harms way!

This little girl (wearing her pink and red proudly #fashionista), she learned in elementary school that doing your own thing/being called out meant getting punished and missing your bus home. This might have been enough to send me into the shadows, and it could have been a trigger of being humiliated in front of a crowd and killed.

I’ve now realized that trigger has played a role in not being seen/recognized/valued (or feeling uncomfortable with being seen/recognized/valued) in so many areas of life!

So I had a conversation with my soul.

I talked to my soul about this life being different. I talked out the positives of being seen in this life and how it HELPS me and others!

If I’m afraid of being seen, those who need this massage won’t find it.

The practice:

  • When did you learn it wasn’t safe to be seen?
  • What did that trigger?
  • What is more true for this life?
  • How is being seen positive and safe?

It's safe to be seen. It's safe to stand out. It's safe to speak from love. It's safe to be you - bit by bit, step by step.

Start to peel back the shell and step out of the shadows.

I love you