"Good Enough" is Not Good Enough

be seen coaching good enough life play big practice respect self love settling worth worthiness Apr 07, 2018

Do not underestimate me!

Yes, I may have underestimated myself. And, yes, that gave you permission to underestimate me, but that ends, right here, right now.

"Good enough" is no longer good enough.

I will no longer settle for less than exceptional.

Exceptional is the only path forward for me.

I had coffee with someone today who told me that I was "the same" as someone who does not bring my same knowledge, talents, experience, or expertise. It didn't feel right, but I also didn't realize just how wrong it felt. Later this evening, I wondered why I felt hurt and sad.

My body was aware of a hard truth.

I have accepted the story that I am not worthy and I have constantly allowed others to underestimate me.

And, even worse, I have allowed myself to underestimate myself.

I am where I am in my career because I have been willing to accept that I am not worthy.

How can others respect me and see my worthiness when I can't show myself that!?


And this is not the first time. Of course this is not the first time! Boss after boss, manager after manager, partner after partner, the list goes on.

And the most important relationship of them all? Me. Experience after experience, I have underestimated myself, my abilities, my worthiness, my value.

My body is vibrating as I type this (and maybe part of that is the second cup of coffee I had this afternoon). I can feel the truth behind this awareness. My body knows that I have been accepting this lie for decades.

Where to now?
  1. Good enough is no longer good enough for me
  2. I choose to honour my worthiness and my value
    1. In practice? "I am exceptional", "I am worthy", "I honour and respect myself"
  3. I choose to move forward focusing on, acting on, and strengthening my natural skills and abilities

I am exceptional. I am worthy. I honour and respect myself.

Playing small is no longer an option. Accepting mediocrity is no longer an option.

I am unavailable for people, experiences, and situations that do not see my value and worthiness.

I am available for:
  • Putting my attention towards my desires
  • Focusing on people, experiences, relationships, and situations that strengthen my energy
  • Taking aligned action when inspiration strikes
  • Energizing experiences
  • Creating a life that is beyond my current view of what is possible

What are you allowing others to believe about you?

With love,