Know Your Why(s) to Create Lasting, Sustainable Change

behaviours change coaching habits personal growth Sep 22, 2019

There are so many ways to create lasting, sustainable change - cold turkey, dripping new behaviours and habits in, crowding out old behaviours and habits, and many more tools - but what lives behind the actions?

Your Why!

Well, your WhyS.

I see your Why as a layered thing - there isn't one why.

The Short-Term Why

This is the Why that you can see a result from in a short period of time.

If you're working with money, this might be paying off a debt or saving for a trip or a bigger purchase.

If you're working with food, this might be feeling a certain way for an event or fitting into a certain outfit in a way that you feel really good about.

If you're working with fitness, this might be lifting a certain weight or achieving a personal best in an upcoming event.

No matter what, this is the Why that you get a quick and tangible result from.

The Internal Why

This is the Internal Why behind the long-term change. This is the Why that matters to you and in your life. 

If you're working with money, it might be honouring a value of freedom (that's mine).

If you're working with food, it might be freeing yourself from feeling controlled by food addictions.

If you're working with fitness, it might be keeping up with your kids or showing them a healthy example.

The External Why

This is the Global Why. This Why might be altruistic and you may or may not see the full effects of your actions.

When I created and launched Intuitively Wealthy, this why for me was creating something that would be accessible to help people all over the world. This why is to change lives through creating safety and security by changing money stories and providing practical actions people can take to set themselves up.

Once we have our basic needs met, we can really start expanding to have a bigger impact in what we're passionate about.

These Whys can be flexible with various areas in your life and at different times.

One of the important steps to creating lasting, sustainable change in your life is to know your Whys for this change!