Lagging Action & Three Steps to Build Momentum

action coaching decisions lagging action life transformation Jan 11, 2020

Sometimes we know we want to take action on something, but we're not quite ready to take that action.

You've made a decision, or you're on the precipice of making a decision, but there's a lag between that decision being made and you feeling ready to take the action. This is what I'm calling Lagging Action.

This usually happens with those big, life-changing decisions - like leaving your job, moving cities, even changing your eating habits.

You know you want to make a change. You may have even made the decision to make that change. The question is now when will you actually take action.

In some cases, you may be ready right away. In others, there may be a date that feels right. In other cases yet, you might not quite know when, but you know it's coming and you'll know when the right time is because the decision has been made.

It is happening. It's a question of when.

What do you do during the in-between - during this phase of lagging action?

  1.  Make the decision
    • Know that it is done. The decision has been made and now it's only a matter of when. Commit to your decision and feel what it will be like when it's real.
      • If your decision is to quit your job, imagine you have just told you boss and you are now moving around the office in that energy.
        • What does your body feel like?
        • What emotions are you experiencing?
        • What are your interactions with coworkers like?
        • Who do you tell next?
  2. Set yourself up for success
    • During this phase of lagging action, take action on setting yourself up for when you do act on the decision
      • Let's continue the decision to quit your job.
        • Do you have another job lined up? Start applying to jobs.
        • Do you have a period of savings set aside so you can take a break/travel/build your own business? Figure out what amount of savings you'd like to have. Be open to all the ways that money could show up.
        • Do you have the skills and knowledge for your next step? Look into and start expanding on these skills and knowledge while you're still employed.
  3. Be open to the moment of action presenting itself
    • Continue to go about your life, resting in the knowing that this change is happening in the most perfect timing. Know that you are preparing yourself. Trust that you will know the moment that you are ready to take action.

It's ok to make a decision and not, yet, be ready to take action. It's ok to wait for the moment that feels right for you to act. It's ok to set yourself up during this space of lagging action.

What's not ok, is to continue living a life that dims your light and does not have you showing up for your most youiest, expansive life!