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Do you also experience this? When you get super excited about something, then you get in your own way!?

You know that you're in your way.
You know that you're making excuses or blowing up the challenge.

You know that the next step is just to take a step!

Yet, that deceptively friendly voice inside your head starts to question your big goals. And you listen. Because you always have. It's easy. It's habit. You may not even know that you're listening to it. It's known. It's safe.

Here's a secret:
That little, "friendly", known voice inside your head is only out for itself!

It's not thinking about what you need to do to shine.

It's making sure that you stay in the known. The familiar. Where it's "safe".

Sometimes that's the right thing to do, but most of the time, it just holds you back.

You give up.

You self-sabotage.

You stay small.

I know this voice all too well. It comes up in so many situations. It is based in fear and scarcity. It questions my faith is love and abundance. It questions my faith in my own ability to put in the effort to get sh*t done! It questions how big and shiny I can be! It questions who I am at my core!

This voice leads to self-sabotage. It leads to smallness. It leads to depression and self-doubt.

This voice is there to keep us safe, so it must be honoured; however, it has been listened to, without question, for far too long! It has gotten caught up in its power over me and is staging a fight against changes I need to make.

It is doing a good job, but I am aware of it. I am questioning it. I will listen, but I will NOT blindly follow it anymore.

It is time to start listening to the other voices. The ones that tell you that you are stronger than you may believe. The ones that tell you that you can do anything. The ones that tell you to do what makes you happy. The ones that share in your joy. The ones that tell you to pick yourself up after you've fallen. The ones that tell you that it's ok when you make a mistake or feel hurt. The ones that tell you to SHINE!

You know they're there.

They may have been forgotten, but they're still there. Just waiting for you to listen.


Take the step.


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