Trust Yourself & Know that You are Worthy

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Clearly, simply, what am I hear to share with you?

My desire for you, loves, is that you learn to trust yourself and know that you are worthy of the life that you desire!

From our very beginning, we assimilate the "shoulds", "would haves", and expectations of those around us - our parents, family, friends, social network, and culture. Sometimes we question, but most of the time we accept these beliefs bestowed upon us as fact. So much so that your entire life is built upon certain beliefs that may be in conflict with your truest desires for yourself and your family - and for the world.

So often, these beliefs are so entrenched in our reality, we don't even know that we can question them.

For some, it's choosing to move away from the town their entire family has lived in forever. For others, it's looking at the food their family eats and questioning if that's the food they want to nourish their body with. And for others, it may be questioning why their community doesn't compost and creating a movement towards that change. And, for others, it may be standing up against a cultural tradition that alters the shape of another's body.

Every change throughout history has been because someone has questioned the long-held beliefs of those around them. No question is better than another. No change is higher than the next. These can all feel monumental from wherever you start. Please, honour where you are. Honour where you are starting from and notice that you are able to question.

Start Trusting Yourself

Where do I start!?

You start wherever you are. You begin by noticing where you are, right here, right now.

You begin to slow down and listen to your breath, body, and thoughts.

You notice where and when you feel heavy or light.

The Practice

Allow yourself to start small. You don't have to by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tomorrow - or ever! Start where you are and follow the light.

  1. Take time, as often as you can, to pause and tune into your own breath
    1. When you're listening to your breath, begin to feel your body
    2. Notice where it feels good and where it is calling for your attention
    3. Get curious, without judgement
  2. As you practice this, you will begin to notice energetic patterns in your body when you respond in your life
    1. You may feel constricted in your throat when asked to do something that doesn't "feel" right to you
    2. You may feel a heaviness in your limbs when trying to take an action that you truly don't want to do
    3. Your breath could feel different - quick, restricted, tight
  3. Begin to question, maybe internally at first, the choices/decisions/actions/beliefs that are causing these feelings in your body
  4. Start to ask yourself, "What do I desire/need/believe instead?" when you notice this feedback
  5. Proceed with whatever changes you feel called to make - notice if these changes shift the energy towards lightness

My yoga teacher, Nicki Doane, says that when you listen to your body whisper, you don't have to hear it yell. I believe this is true for your beliefs as well.

When a belief is out of alignment for you, you know. When you listen to the subtle shifts of knowing, you will prevent future snap reactions when a line is crossed.

Additional Support

Does this feel light, but also confusing? Working with me as your coach, I will guide you through Discovering Your Desires, Uncovering the Old Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back, Reclaiming Your Power, and Consciously Creating Your Life!