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What Stories are You No Longer Available For?

We all have stories that we believe to be true. The key is recognizing these stories and knowing which ones are no longer serving you!

Ask yourself, a year from now:

  • What NEEDS to be different?
  • What you are no longer available for?
  • Where are you OVER leaking your energy?

Reflecting back through your life experiences (without judgment), what stories do you repeat?

  • Romantic Relationships
  • Family Interactions
  • Work Habits
  • Money Habits/Beliefs
  • Body/Food Patterns/Beliefs

How annoying is that!?

You're not alone; we all do it. We all unconsciously act based on old stories, which usually aren't even ours! Instead, these stories have been handed down through generations thought to be true, or at least left unquestioned.

Usually we take on these beliefs when we are too young to question if they are true for us, or if they are of service to our lives. Left unquestioned, we carryout behaviours that may not be of service to the lives we desire to live.

It's only when we consciously look at these stories, and recognize them for the stories they are, that we can begin the process of teaching ourselves new, beneficial, stories. Conscious beliefs that allow us to co-create the lives of our desires!


Our lives are experienced through our perceptions. And, our perceptions are created through stories and beliefs that we have accepted as truths.

For me, the stories I was exposed to as a child were those where we were strong and would get through whatever we needed to. Life wasn't always easy, but the underlying belief was that we would get through it, and we supported each other with love.

I love that my family held a strong belief that we would get through challenges together. I also picked up some stories that are definitely no longer serving me:

  • There isn't enough, or there is only just enough
  • Those with money are different than "us"
  • Loving partnerships are hard and not worth the sacrifices
  • You give up your dream of success when you get married and become a mother
  • The only way to make a reasonable income and have a secure retirement is though a "good job" at a "good company"
  • I can only create a life to a certain level, then I need someone else to support my "excess" desires

These have definitely affected me in ways that I am OVER!


Through the recognition of these stories, I get to decide how I want to experience MY LIFE! I get to consciously create new stories that serve MY VISION for my life.

And, my vision is that I GET TO HAVE IT ALL! I get to be a loving wife and mother, AND successful in the career of my choosing. Beyond that, success is how I define it!

The Practice

I invite you to take some time to look at the stories you are playing on repeat. The one with the most charge might be a good place to start as those stories are likely vivid and easily available for you right now - this is the story that you are the most frustrated with right now.

Identify one topic area to look into. Look at the patterns/habits/beliefs/stories on repeat around this topic.

  1. What are you no longer available for going forward in your life?
  2. What is no longer serving you?
  3. What would open up for you if you were able to look at these old stories and consciously question them?
  4. What is possible for you when you Consciously Create your beliefs, and question those beliefs of others before taking them on as truth for you?
  5. What habits/beliefs/practices are you ready to let go of so that you can create the life that you truly desire?
  6. What do you want instead?

This is YOUR LIFE Loves! YOU get to create it! You get to CHOOSE what is truth for you!

So, what do you choose?



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