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What Stories are You No Longer Available For?

We all have stories that we believe to be true. The key is recognizing these stories and knowing which ones are no longer serving you!

Ask yourself, a year from now:

  • What NEEDS to be different?
  • What you are no longer available for?
  • Where are you OVER leaking your energy?

Reflecting back through your life experiences (without judgment), what stories do you repeat?

  • Romantic Relationships
  • Family Interactions
  • Work Habits
  • Money...
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When you don't feel inspired

I'm writing this because I'm not feeling inspired - and I have no idea what will come out! This could get messy.

There are times when I feel a surge of creativity. I have so many ideas and they all land purposefully on the page/in an Instagram post/as I speak. There are other times when I turn inwards and reflect - sometimes these moments lead to creative sparks, and other times, these moments lead to blanks.

I am currently experience a...

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Life as I know it

I'm over life as I know it!

I'm over the comfort of the "daily grind".

I'm over doing what is expected.

I'm over giving into comfort.

I want to THRIVE!

I want to SHINE!

I want to LOVE Every. Single. Moment. of Every. Single. Day!

I want to feel purpose!

I want to help others realize their purpose!

I want to LOVE deeply!

Comfort is dangerous. Comfort is what keeps us stuck in the day-to-day situation we may be struggling to break free...

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Managing Expectations

Expectation: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

Expectations can be dangerous. They are unlikely to be un-voiced, and likely involve another human and incomplete communication.

We have expectations for ourselves, for our lives, for those in our lives, for interactions, and the list goes on. These expectations are beliefs about the future and take us out of the present moment. We may even...

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Simply Life.Food.Fitness.

I started Simply Life.Food.Fitness. as a blog back in 2012. As a way of introduction, here is the first post from that site - I will, eventually, migrate all the posts over.

Thank you for stopping by! This started out as a blog, intended to be about simply living life; enjoying good, healthy food; and achieving fitness goals. I hope to get to know you through this site, and, if you're lucky enough to find yourself in Vancouver, in...

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How to Handle Change

As humans, we’re really good when we’re in control, but what happens if something changes that’s out of your control, or what happens when you have to make a decision with your best knowledge in that moment without any time to really think about it?

There’s a yoga sutra that pulled itself into my consciousness this week:

Te prati prasava heyah suksmah.

“When you think you have it under control, you had...

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