A Life Coach is like a Personal Trainer

change choice coach conscious choice consciousness ego elevate goals growth intentions joy life life coach next level life personal development personal growth personal trainer this is your life Jun 24, 2018

You live a good life. Really, it's actually great when you really think about all that you have to appreciate!

You earn a reasonable income (even a great income, when you think about it); you have people in your life who love you and whom you love; you have a home (it might not be your dream home, or maybe it is, but it's good either way). When you reflect on your life, things are good!

And when others look at your life, they think you've got it pretty good as well.

But, to you, it feels like something is missing. It feels like it could be better.

You look to achieve a promotion or get a new job. Maybe a bigger bonus will do? What about some self-development work? Or meditating - oh, no, but your mind just keeps on wandering (note: it will always do that and meditating isn't about stopping your mind from wandering, it's about detaching from its adventures).

Here's the thing, you can probably do it on your own by making small, incremental steps using trial and error, getting caught up in old patterns, then noticing them and working to "fix" them - or maybe bypassing them.

But why do it on your own when you could have someone next to you, holding the vision of you as you desire to be?

Just like a personal trainer when you go to the gym, a life coach is there to move you forward more quickly!

Let's say you're new to working out. You could go online or pick up some magazines and try to follow a workout routine, but let's be honest, most of us will follow the routine only to the point of the inside edge of our comfort zone. The moment that routine is "hard", we'll pull back. We'll still do the work and we'll likely still see some progress, but we won't push ourselves beyond what is "comfortable".

And that's where a personal trainer comes in! Your personal trainer is the person who knows that you can achieve so much more than you're allowing yourself to believe - and motivates you to try. Your personal trainer knows what's possible and holds that vision for you!

The same is true when it comes to life - and maybe even more so due to our friend the Ego!

Just like at the gym when things get hard and you want to give up, in life, when you try to push outside of your known reality, your Ego will question, "why would you risk everything that you have for this unknown and possibly dangerous new thing?"

Your Ego is there to protect you (and that is a wonderful partner to have); however, it's unlikely to know the difference between alienating your entire family (tribe) and being kicked out to fend for yourself, and trying a new method for earning income - like wanting to be a writer instead of an accountant.

Your life coach can see your Ego for what it is and can point out where it's overstepping!

Your life coach can see the version of you that's beyond the fear and discomfort.

Your life coach knows that it's possible and that you are both capable and worthy of creating the life that you haven't even allowed yourself to dream of because it scares you - your Ego.

Yes, you life a good life. Yes, you can keep taking steps forwards for yourself. Yes, you are doing the work and you will continue to do the work. Yes, you can do it yourself.

But why when you can have someone right there with you, holding that exciting version of you both with you and for you!?