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Meditation 101 - The Simply Style

I don't know if I've ever, or recently, explained this concept of The Simply. I'll dive into it in a separate post, but the basis of the idea is that, as humans, we have a tendency to complicate everything. The harder we work for something, the better the results must be, right? Wrong.

My purpose with The Simply is to provide tools and services for life to be simple!

More on that in another post...for now, onto the topic at hand:...

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Surprises from the Past

It's taken me a long time to post this. This originated in September 2017. Something hit me during a trip to San Francisco. Something unexpected!

It started on the Wednesday night that I arrived...we were staying at a hostel for one night and, upon showing up, I discovered we didn't have a private washroom, as I had expected. We were in a room with a shared hall washroom.

And I did not react well to this!

It took me until the...

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Patience = Trust

"Patience is a virtue...that I just don't have." I've said so many times throughout my life - ever since I was a young child!

My mum had the virtues book when I was young and I clearly remember it "randomly" being left open to both Patience and Tact on many occasions. We can talk about Tact another time ;)

I always joked with her that "patience was a virtue that I just didn't have". And I was perfectly fine with that!

To me, patience...

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Notice Without Judgement

What the F does that even mean!? Notice without judgement?

If you follow me, you know that I talk a lot about noticing. Notice when you fall back into a habit. Notice when you say something that doesn't sit right in your gut. Notice your reactions. Notice....blah, blah, blah!

And, try to release the judgement.

If you've found yourself saying something along the lines of: "Lady, I'm noticing myself f*ck up a lot. How is this supposed to...

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Practice and all is coming ~Pattabhi Jois

Learning is messy!

You gain new knowledge, you get excited to implement that knowledge, you try out that new knowledge, fall...flat.on.your.face!

What happens when you fall?

I fluctuate between beating myself up and ignoring that it happened. Honesty. It can be ugly, but there you go. That's my current reality.

I am trying to get better at acknowledging the potential for growth, and...

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Managing Expectations

Expectation: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

Expectations can be dangerous. They are unlikely to be un-voiced, and likely involve another human and incomplete communication.

We have expectations for ourselves, for our lives, for those in our lives, for interactions, and the list goes on. These expectations are beliefs about the future and take us out of the present moment. We may even...

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